Family Of Detained UK-Based Blogger, Dorcas Adeyinka Demands Justice

The case of Miss Dorcas Adeyinka, a UK-based Nigerian blogger who was detained in Lagos for alleged cyberbullying and cyberstalking, has taken a new turn as her family seeks justice. The family has accused the Lagos State Police Command of conducting an unfair and biased investigation into the matter.

UK-Based Blogger, Miss Dorcas Adeyinka

According to the family, Miss Adeyinka has been a victim of relentless threats to her life, cyberstalking, and bullying by a group of suspected Nigerian bloggers.

These bloggers have been using various social media accounts to insult and shame her, but unable to achieve their malicious intentions online, they have now allegedly resorted to using the police to carry out their blackmail.

The blogger’s mother shared her daughter’s side of the story. She emphasised that Miss Adeyinka had never been invited by the police for any crime prior to her detention.

In fact, she had only gone to the police station to report a traffic incident in which someone had smashed her car. To their surprise, a group of individuals accompanied by police officers arrived at the station and attempted to arrest her, claiming that she had insulted the President and the Inspector General of Police.

Furthermore, Miss Adeyinka’s cousin, Toyin Adeyinka, revealed that she had been subjected to cyberbullying and stalking for a considerable period by these Nigerian bloggers.

The situation had escalated to the point where her private and intimate photos were shared on social media, leading the UK police to launch an investigation.

In response to the arrest, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Command, Benjamin Hundeyin, shared his comments on his official social media account.

He stated that the detention of the blogger, along with two other individuals, Folake Adekoya and Sikiru Ayinde, was related to an alleged incident where Miss Adeyinka was involved in a physical altercation with another woman outside a shop owned by one of the bloggers.

The family of Miss Adeyinka firmly believes that the investigation conducted by the Lagos State Police Command is partial and biased.

They argue that their daughter was unjustly detained without any prior invitation and that the accusations against her are merely a ploy to silence her and further harm her reputation.

This developing case has raised concerns about the misuse of power and selective targeting by both online abusers and law enforcement agencies.

The family of Miss Adeyinka is now steadfastly seeking justice and hopes that a fair and thorough investigation will be conducted to unveil the truth behind the alleged cyberbullying and cyberstalking incidents. They are confident that the legal system will provide the justice and protection that their daughter deserves.

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