Samsung Galaxy S24 Series To Get LLW DRAM To Support AI

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series To Get LLW DRAM To Support AI

Samsung released some fascinating information regarding their new LLW (Low Latency Wide IO) DRAM earlier this year. It is believed that this particular type of memory is ideal for use in artificial intelligence applications and mobile game development.

Samsung had a minor incident in October that required a product recall. But they’re back at it now! They produced a video on X today discussing their LLW chip through their semiconductor business.

Samsung first presented the technology in January during this year’s Tech Day event. LLW DRAM solutions are therefore expected to be included in the upcoming Galaxy smartphones since they seem to be more appropriate for real-time processing applications, such as on-device AI, which is a top goal for Samsung products moving forward. As of the most current report, the company is almost ready to launch its first products that use LLW DRAM.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is at stake when discussions regarding the upcoming Galaxy smartphone begin. LLW could potentially improve AI and gaming features on phones by completing more real-time tasks more quickly. Therefore, this function may be included when the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra launch. Samsung claims to have included novel machine learning technology, such as an on-board generative AI tool, into the Galaxy S24 trio. And as everyone knows, Samsung has great plans for the AI integration of the Galaxy S24 series.

What is implied by this 44-second video?

This is a promotional video that Samsung has released to raise awareness of the LLW DRAM. It makes sense that the LLW solution frequently sits right next to the CPU on a SoC given its low latency promises. Furthermore, it appears from the video that LLW chips will work in conjunction with the CPU rather than taking the place of traditional DRAM entirely.

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