”We Endorsed APC Muslim-Muslim Ticket In 2023, But Now We’re Suffering. What We Used To Buy N200 Now N2000”.- Supreme Council For Sharia Cries Out Over Hardship

The Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria (SCSN) has stated that the APC Muslim-Muslim ticket it endorsed in the 2023 presidential election fell short of expectations and did not bring any good changes to Nigerians’ lives.

APC  Muslim-Muslim Ticket

The President of SCSN, Sheikh Abdur Rasheed Hadiyyatullah, stated this in an interview with journalists at a National Conference in Abuja. The Islamic cleric stated that despite the President’s overwhelming support during the election, Nigeria.

”The Nigeria of today is too bad. What we are buying at N200 before is N2000 now. We have scarcity of Naira and unemployment is escalating. Nigerians are not enjoying the new government at all. I don’t want to go personal but the Sharia Council helped the Muslim-Muslim ticket to be successful. We campaigned and supported this government until it came to power, but we are suffering.

Some of the Ministers are siphoning and looting the treasury. I don’t want to mention any name but we have all seen and read it. Nigerians have been suffering since the last seven months when this government came to power.

We are not making any progress. The reason for the Muslim-Muslim ticket was to progress, triumph, succeed and to have a good government but we didn’t have anything.”

He further noted that ;

“See how Nigerians are suffering. No money. No progress. We have not enjoyed anything since seven months of this government. We are sympathetic with this government but the way forward is for some of these Ministers to go home and rest and we will find other people who will be honest with themselves and the country, those who are there to work not to loot the country.”

President Tinubu, the ruling APC’s presidential candidate, chose Kashim Shettima as his running mate despite widespread criticism, particularly from Christian supporters.

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