Apple Watch Launches The Much-Anticipated “Double Tap” Feature- See How To Now

Apple Watch users worldwide can now enjoy the long-awaited watchOS 10.1 update, which introduces a new gesture feature called “Double Tap.”

By tapping your index finger to your thumb twice in quick succession, you can operate various functions and menus on your Apple Watch.

Apple highlights that Double Tap complements existing gestures like tap, swipe, raise to wake, and cover to mute, enhancing the overall simplicity and intuitiveness of the smartwatch.

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This new feature works independently of AssistiveTouch, which provides alternative controls for users who may have difficulty operating the watch with both hands.

To utilize Double Tap, you’ll need an Apple Watch Series 9 or an Apple Watch Ultra 2, equipped with the latest S9 chip for gesture recognition. Ensure your watch has been upgraded to watchOS 10.1 by navigating to Settings > Software update on your Apple Watch.

Upon raising your wrist to wake the screen, swiftly tap your index finger and thumb together twice to activate Double Tap. Keep in mind that this gesture won’t work if Low Power Mode or Sleep Focus is enabled.

Apple double Tap empowers you to answer calls, respond to messages, navigate widget stacks, control timers and alarms, manage music playback, and execute primary actions on incoming notifications.

You can also customize its functionality to an extent, such as choosing between pausing music or skipping to the next track. Access the watch’s Settings, tap Gestures, and select Double Tap to configure your preferences.

If you decide not to use Double Tap, you can disable the feature within the same settings menu.

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