Female Correctional Officer Caught On Camera Having S3x With Prisoner Bags 16-Month Jail Sentence

Female Correctional Officer Caught On Camera Having S3x With Prisoner Bags 16-Month Jail Sentence

A female correctional officer who was seen on camera engaging in sex with a prisoner within a store closet received a 16-month sentence.

After beginning an “inappropriate relationship” with Joshua Mulllings while employed at HMP Birmingham, it was discovered that 25-year-old Shania Begum had slept with him.

She engaged in “play fighting, flirting, heavy petting, and penetrating sex” with the prisoner at the Category B men’s prison, according to testimony given in court, using the storage cupboard.

However, their covert meeting was discovered when prison administrators became suspicious and put in a camera to record them in action.

Begum, of Telford, Shropshire, was imprisoned today at Birmingham Crown Court after admitting to misbehaviour in a public office.

Credit: SWNS- 25-year-old Shania Begum caught on camera romping in a store cupboard with an inmate

“As time went on, you fell under suspicion, and secret surveillance cameras were set up in the store cupboard,” Judge John Butterfield said during sentencing.

“He and you spent a lot of time together in that store cupboard engaging in physical intimacy, even going so far as to perform penetrating acts,” he continued.

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“While on duty, you were seen participating in consensual activity.” According to him, the jail system felt the ‘corrosive effect’ of her actions.

According to Butterfield, Mullings was one of the convicts who also mentioned their responsibility of organising the store cupboard.

The court heard that prison intelligence led supervisors to suspect she was in a relationship with the inmate, prompting an anti-corruption investigation.

The prosecution’s Daniel Oscroft stated: “At that time, she had been employed as a prison guard at HMP Birmingham since December 3, 2018.”

According to the intelligence, the interaction was private within a jail supply closet.

“Cameras were placed inside the store cupboard, and the defendant and Joshua Mullings were seen having sex between September 22 and September 29, 2022.”

The court heard that Begum had at least two instances of oral sex with Mr. Mullings during the activity.

The video also revealed that Begum had occasionally been interrupted by other staff members and that her radio would occasionally go off, which she disregarded.

She once vanished from sight for approximately an hour.

Her phone was taken when she was taken into custody, and her internet surfing history showed that she had looked into Mullings and the stories that had been published about him.

“Undermines confidence in the prison system, causes problems with prison order, and has an impact on the stability and welfare of the prison estate,” Mr. Oscroft said of her actions.

“She is of previous good character and almost at a loss to explain her conduct,” said Andrew Baker, the defense attorney. She regrets it so much.

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