“People don’t understand the wickedness of a psychotic wife”- Nigerian man says

A Nigerian Twitter user, known as @kingg Elyon, recently made a startling claim about his ex-wife and their marriage certificate. On Sunday, the 21st, he responded to a tweet by another user who had made a generalization about women’s capacity to love men. @kingg Elyon stated that his ex-wife tore their marriage certificate while he was at work and sent him pictures of the torn document.

Providing some context, he mentioned that it had been six months since they separated. When someone inquired about his reasons for ignoring her for two days, he explained that she had starved his mother and also went to the gym on a Saturday morning, which apparently led to his decision to distance himself from her temporarily.

In his tweet, @kingg Elyon expressed his astonishment at his ex-wife’s actions, emphasizing that just six weeks into their marriage, she tore their certificate into pieces because he had ignored her for two days.

He added that this incident made him realize that if he had taken her abroad, she would have caused him even more harm, emphasizing the maliciousness of a woman with psychotic tendencies.

It is important to note that the veracity of these claims cannot be independently verified, as they are based solely on the statements made by @kingg Elyon on Twitter.

“Lots of red flag that I ignored out of love, she will get better, bro that lady is damaged. Any man that marry her next will cry blood,” 

“She had locked up at Ketu police station for 2 days after we got into a fight. The last time I sent my eyes on her was when she came to pack her load with her boyfriend. The boyfriend is here on Twitter as well. It has been 6 months now that we went separate ways,”

“There is more to this story that I can talk about, it will bring me to tears,”

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