Samsung Devices Eligible For 4 Years Android OS Upgrade(List)

Samsung Devices Eligible For 4 Years Android OS Upgrade(List)

Samsung is dedicated to delivering the most advanced mobile experience to users and is committed to continually improving the performance of its Galaxy devices through regular updates.

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In a groundbreaking move, Samsung raised the bar by offering a remarkable four years of operating system upgrades, ensuring users enjoy the latest features and capabilities.

To safeguard Galaxy devices further, Samsung also pledged to provide five years of security updates for eligible models, leveraging the robust security measures of Samsung Knox to offer comprehensive protection against potential threats.

This commitment marks a significant shift from the previous policy of offering only three generations of OS updates, demonstrating Samsung’s dedication to extending the lifespan of Galaxy devices and providing users with a more enduring, up-to-date experience.

The extended One UI upgrade and five-year security updates policy applies to various devices, including the Galaxy S series, Z series, select models from the Galaxy A/M/F series, and certain tablets and watches.

This ensures that various Samsung devices will benefit from an extended support and maintenance period, enabling users to stay current with the latest mobile innovations.

Samsung Galaxy devices eligible for four years of Android OS upgrades

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