Samsung Partners With Hyundai Motor Group For Smart Home And Connected Cars

Samsung has announced a new partnership with the Hyundai Motor Group on Smart Home and connected cars, Samsung is expanding its SmartThings platform to offer support for connected cars.

The collaboration between the two companies is set to advance the next-generation smart home concept.

This partnership will integrate Samsung’s SmartThings with Hyundai and Kia’s connected vehicles, encompassing electric vehicles, to create innovative “Home-to-Car” and “Car-to-Home” services.

Additionally, they will work on developing a comprehensive home energy management service.

The Home-to-Car and Car-to-Home services connect the smart home with in-vehicle infotainment systems, allowing for remote control in both directions.

Image credit – Samsung

Through the SmartThings platform, users will be able to perform a variety of actions pertaining to their cars while at home — starting them, controlling smart air conditioning, opening and closing windows and checking their charging status.

And from cars, the control of home appliances such as TVs, air conditioners and EV chargers will also be possible.

This collaboration will enable communication from Home-to-Car and integrated home energy management services that are optimized for future lifestyles,” said Chanwoo Park, Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics.

“By connecting the SmartThings platform with vehicles, we’ll be able to significantly enhance the customer experience in both the home and the car.

”You can find out more information about this new partnership between Samsung and the Hyundai Motor Group on integrating connected cars into the Smart Home and Smaung’s SmartThings over at Samsung’s website at the link below.

Source Samsung

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