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“They are picking on me because of the colour of my skin. I’m living in fear” – Nigerian Man Expresses Anguish Over Racist Assaults on His Car and Home in the UK (Photos)

A Nigerian man in South Belfast, Northern Ireland, claimed that a slew of racist attacks on his property had left him feeling like he must always be on guard.

Over an eight-month period, windows of Larry Wisdom’s flat and car in the Belvoir neighbourhood were broken out of several times.

The windscreen and side windows of his car, according to him, were also broken when a rock was thrown at the window of his living room.

Other instances included the bodywork of his car being damaged and a nail being driven into a tyre.

The incidents on Downhill Avenue are being investigated by police as possible acts of racial hatred.

The 51-year-old, who has fibromyalgia and depression, told BelfastLive that the recent attacks come after his car was set on fire in the same neighbourhood several years ago.

“They are picking on me because of the colour of my skin. I’m living in fear and I don’t know who is doing these things to me. I won’t lie to you – I’m really, really tired. I told them (the police) I’m fearing for my life,” he said. 

He added: “I just feel it’s just a racial attack because all the other cars there, no one has ever been damaged.”

Mr. Wisdom, a native of Nigeria, first visited the Irish Republic in the early 2000s before relocating to Northern Ireland in 2016.

He blasted the police for doing “not much at all” in response to the criminal damage.

I just want to know who the person is so I can be careful from then. Whenever I’m walking down the street I’m looking left and right.”

Police said they are looking into five reports of criminal damage to a vehicle that occurred over an eight-month period. The crimes range from window smashing to scratches on the car’s bodywork.

They claimed that on May 30 over night, a reported house window was also damaged.

In the most recent incident, which occurred earlier this month, a man was seen breaking the back passenger-side window of the automobile with a blunt object before fleeing the scene while wearing dark clothing and having his hood drawn up.

The event took place on June 6, and it is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

According to Inspector Tori Anderson: “There is no place for hate and we take reports of this nature incredibly seriously. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to ensure that we live in a society where diversity is respected. If you or someone you know is the victim of a hate crime please contact us on 101. Our officers are here to help you and can make sure you get access to the support you need.”

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