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Google Photos New Update To Bring Out Automatic Video Of Your Lifestyle (Check It Out Now)

Published by on October 25th, 2023.

Google Photos has expanded its repertoire of remarkable photo and video features. Now, it has introduced the capability to automatically generate highlight videos of your chosen friends’ families and favoured locations from your photo library.

Google Photos

The Google Photos app, available on Android and iOS platforms, already offers video creation tools. However, this much anticipated update, scheduled for release commencing October 25, takes it a step further.

With this update, you can search for specific individuals, locations, or activities within your photo library that you’d like to include in an AI-generated video. Once selected, the app will work its magic and produce a one-minute highlight video featuring your chosen subjects.

Image source :Google

These videos will include a blend of video snippets and photos. Google Photos will also add music to these recordings and synchronize the footage with the chosen songs. Auto-generated highlight videos, similar to those seen in features like Google Photos Memories and from companies like GoPro, can sometimes fluctuate in execution. Nonetheless, we’re anxious to test out Google’s new AI director.

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The good news is that if you’re not completely satisfied with Google Photos’ selections, you can trim or rearrange the clips and select alternative audio to personalize your video. You can witness these features in operation in the example video provided below.

How can you utilise this new functionality for testing when it launches on October 25 for both Android and iOS?

Image source :Google

Click the ‘+’ symbol at the program’s top to open a new menu to make new albums, collages, animated pictures, cinematic shots, and highlight movies.

Select ‘Highlight videos’ to reveal a search box where you may look for the stars of your videos—people, locations, or even the years when certain events occurred. Google’s example shows that the default movie duration is one minute, but you may make additional adjustments here before clicking “save.”

We’ve contacted Google to inquire about the possibility of this functionality being added to Chromebooks and the web version of Google Photos, and we’ll update this post accordingly.

Stunning AI BERG
This AI-powered movie creation tool could be a better surprise. Google’s primary goal with photographs and videos is to automate the modifications that non-professionals need more time or taste for.

We just noticed that the Memories feature in Google Photos has an associated tool that allows you to “co-author” Memories albums with friends and family. You may share your Memories as a stand-alone video when collaborators contribute their images and videos.

Therefore, Google Photos is quickly becoming the hassle-free spot to edit highlight reels, whether you want to do it yourself or allow Google’s algorithms to do it for you with the help of this new tool.

Guys I understand that so many of us had already migrated into using other photo editing apps like PicsArt, Capcut, amongs other.


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