Ex-Wife Of OAP Dotun, Taiwo Oyebanjo, Faces Possible Jail Term For Denying Father Access To Their Children

In an Abuja divorce action, Taiwo Oyebanjo, the younger sister of Nigerian singer Dapo “D’Banj” Oyebanjo and the ex-wife of OAP Dotun Kayode, was found guilty of contempt of court and might face prison sentence.

OAP Dotun Taiwo Oyebanjo

On Monday, October 23, a high court in Dukpa, Abuja, found Taiwo Oyebanjo guilty of disobeying the court’s ruling over the couple’s joint custody of their children.

She has a 30-day deadline to pay a N200,000 fine, failing which she might spend time in jail.

Remember that after Dotun sought shared custody of the children in April 2022, the court granted him and his estranged wife joint custody of the children in suit No. GWD/ PET/25/21.

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Although both sides initially agreed, Taiwo is said to have refused Dotun access to their children since December 2022.

Dotun used social media to raise awareness of their problems in addition to pursuing legal action.

Dotun also claimed on social media that since June 2023, his ex-wife had transported their two girls out of Nigeria, preventing him from seeing them.

The court ruled on Monday, October 23, finding Taiwo guilty of violating the order. It stated that Taiwo disobeyed the order when she refused to give Dotun Kayode access to the children in December 2022.

The court also ordered Taiwo to pay the N200,000 fine within 30 days or face jail until the money was paid. When the ruling was made, Taiwo wasn’t present in court.


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  • Anonymous 1

    - Oct 25, 2023 at 09:57

    It’s high time men bring out this devilish act of womenfolk!
    Each time a relationship goes south the women have one single goal and that is how to destroy the man in every possible way, they don’t mind if the children are casualties of their spiteful actions.
    The horrible truth is that these stubborn women are in most cases the reason for the collapsed relationship or marriage!
    I don’t know how sensible it is that you deny the children the role their father who is alive can give to their lives, it doesn’t matter how little it might seem to be!

    • I personally think both gender have got a lot to iron out. My take is that some women had allowed the ”Gomorrah of immorality” to sweep their minds. The value that used to be in having a family, marriage or even the least relationship has been traded with materialistic things of the unpromising world we live in. May all our minds be cleanse enough to see things the right way.

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