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Letter to My Lords As Presidential Election Tribunal Commences

Dear Noble Gentlemen, my lords, I write you as a dedicated, patriotic and honest Nigerian, as you commence the business of the 2023 election tribunal sitting, I wish you to know that things are pretty unusual this time, in my opinion, you are the last hope for all of us, we need to find our belief in our country and somehow the burden is on you, the general mood somewhat feels like people have lost a lot of faith, perhaps they have reasons to feel that way, and perhaps they don’t.

However, please understand the importance of this election tribunal in ensuring a fair and just electoral process in Nigeria.It is important for my lords to remain impartial and unbiased in their decisions, and to base their judgments solely on the evidence presented before you. My lords should also ensure that due process is followed and that all parties involved are given a fair hearing.

The responsibility of the election tribunal judges is great, and you must be guided by your commitment to justice, fairness, and the rule of law.

The decisions you make will have a lasting impact on the country and its people, and my lords must take this responsibility seriously.I hope that the election tribunal will conduct its proceedings with diligence and fairness and that your decisions will help to restore faith in the electoral process and the country as a whole.

INEC must be held to a high standard of transparency, fairness, and compliance with its rules and guidelines. The election tribunal judges must ensure that INEC’s actions are scrutinized properly and that they are held accountable for any failures or shortcomings in their duties.In addition, the judiciary plays a critical role in upholding the principles of democracy and justice.

My lords must remain impartial and unbiased in their judgments and ensure that they are based solely on the evidence presented before them. You must also ensure that the rule of law is upheld and that all parties involved are given a fair hearing.The outcome of the election tribunal process will have a significant impact on the country’s national pride and its reputation as a leading democracy in Africa.

It is therefore essential that my lords approach your task as a divine assignment to set things right and restore faith in the electoral process.I hope that my lords, as the election tribunal judges will be guided by the principles of justice, fairness, and impartiality and that your judgments will be both sound and respected by all parties involved.

The judgment of the election tribunal judges will serve as a turning point in how Nigeria organizes its elections and democracy going forward.It is essential that the outcome of the election tribunal process is respected by all parties involved and that it sets a precedent for future elections.

It is also critical that the lessons learned from this process are used to improve the electoral process and ensure that it is transparent, fair, and credible in the future.It is my prayer and hopes that my lords will be able to fulfil your duties with diligence, impartiality, and fairness and that your judgment will be sound and respected all of the time.

Otunba Segun Showunmi Abeokuta Ogun State 19/04/2023

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